Pictures of my navy MJ Christy

  1. I decided to keep, here are some pictures...sorry for the delay (oh, and I'm wearing a MJbyMJ dress in the picture).
    Picture 275.jpg Picture 273.jpg Picture 274.jpg
  2. Suli, it is gorgeous! I have not seen this color IRL, only in stock pictures, but your pictures are beautiful! I am so glad you are keeping it., look at all those shoes...

  3. Something I was at TJ MAXX and apparently Tommy Hilfiger makes a bag that is modeled exactly after the Christy, except with a gross feeling leather and bad hardware and zipperpulls. I wish I had a camera with me so I could post pictures of it. REALLLLY bad rip-off!

    ....anyway, just thought it was funny...
  4. GORGEOUS bag! I love it! I have a question, though: would you say that the color in your pics is true to life? It's much brighter than navy.
  5. ^The official color of the bag is called "navy", but it's definitely more of an electric blue. My pictures are pretty true to what the color looks like IRL.

    ^^^I swear, I don't have that many pairs of shoes!
  6. Congrats SuLi! I'm glad you decided to keep it. The color is very pretty and the style/size looks just right on you! :tup:
  7. That color is amazing SuLi! :nuts: Thanks for sharing pics!!
  8. GREAT color, just TDF! I am glad you decided to keep her. :smile:
  9. Love the pop of colour.... this will definitely jazz up most outfits..... Catchy and stunning!
  10. Cute bag, looks great on you!
  11. Wow! Love the colour..very pretty on you!
  12. Gorgeous color, It looks awesome on you!
  13. I love how the gold hardware pops with the navy leather. It's totally divine, I'm glad you decided to keep her SuLi! Did you ever manage to get a discount?

    I love how your shoes are organized.. I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine and yours looks like a really cute idea!
  14. how do you feel about the magnetic clasp? that is the one thing that is keeping me from purchasing this bag.
  15. Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    thithi - I've been really busy, so I did not have a chance to ask for a discount.

    I got the shoe organizer from was a pain for my FI to put it together, but it really looks nice and keeps me organized. Downside...harder to hide new shoe purchases from my FI since he can see them...doh!

    dls80ucla - I also thought that the pushlocks on the pockets were functional, and was a bit disappointed that it was magnetized. But, the zipper pull is pretty heavy, so I'm not too worried about it. It will probably make it easier for me to grab things out of those pockets.