Pictures of my mother's new Plomb Work with GGH :)

  1. I am so happy. My mother bought this bag and she said I can come by and borrow it anytime :nuts:. I just had to take photos because I love this style so much. I have it in the 05 Black. The work is such a great bag because it fits everything and great to shlep around!!! What do you think? I took some pix of myself wearing it just now. :tup:



  2. Wow! Stars you look great as always! I think I prefer the GGH on the plomb rather than the SGH... oh no why is everyone getting works these days?! another work to add to the list! just saw Fayden's Violet SGH work... now this! tPF is gona get me into (more) debt!!!

    I'm sure you'll be "borrowing" your mum's work alot!
  3. That is gorgeous! I am happy for you and your mom -- how cool you can borrow it anytime. Looks great on you!
  4. Wow, that's beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures. Up until now, I only imagined the plomb with silver hardware but now that I've seen the gold, I've changed my mind! It's a much warmer combination!
  5. wow, you have such a cool mom!! the plomb work looks great!
  6. yah no kidding your mom is awesome. work is my fave one! and the leather on it looks fab.
  7. Wow the leather on that bag looks unbelievable!! I am sure you will be borrowing it often!!

    I wish you well,

  8. Very NIce... coNgrats to the both of you :tup:
  9. star~it looks so great on you!
  10. seriously gorgeous! Plomb is one of my fave colors!!! LOVE it!!! You are lucky your mom is willing to share this bbag with you! And the leather on the plomb is amazing!
  11. Love Plomb! The leather looks great!
  12. Thanks everyone! She's very excited over it and frankly, so am I hahaha.
  13. it's beautiful!!! your mom is awesome!
  14. Mom has great taste!
  15. I love it! Plomb is such an awesome color! =) Congrats on being able to borrow it anytime!