Pictures of my MJ family!

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  1. figured i'd share my small collection with you ladies! i also threw in 2 of my mbmj pieces. :smile:

    1. chestnut hudson (my favorite!!!)
    2. navy/python little stam
    3. black zip clutch
    4. miss marc cosmetic pouch
    5. chocolate mbmj ladybug keychain
    6. black stam
    7. midnight large patent bowler



  2. jackie... your family is beautiful!! and im sooo glad your hudson is being enjoyed!
  3. Awesome collection, thanks for sharing! I especially love that Midnight patent Bowler, yum!
  4. i have you to thank for my hudson! she is my absolutely favorite :smile: hope you are doing well jess!
  5. Hey there tuffcookie. I love your MJs Especially your chestnut hudson and miss marc cosmetic pouch most of all.

    How long ago did you get the cosmetic pouch? Are they still available anywhere?
  6. tuffcookie - Love them all!! :heart::heart: I've never seen that Navy/Python Trim Little Stam before! It's so pretty!

    Thank you for sharing. I think today is MJ Family Picture Day!! :tup:
  7. What a great collection!! I like the Miss Marc pouch. :tup:
  8. Wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing!
  9. great collection! adorable cosmetic case.
  10. thanks :smile: i got the cosmetic pouch from im sure you can still find it on there. Zappos is great; they overnighted it to me too, at no extra cost. :smile:
  11. Your collection is gorgeous! :drool: I especially like the midnight Bowler! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. thanks girl :smile: times are rough and money is tight lately so im going to be putting the little stam up on eBay in a few days (my eBay account name is 1rdrunr if any of you ladies happen to see it up on there - IT IS AUTHENTIC!!!)
  13. I love your bags! The midnight bowler is stunning.
  14. Thanks for letting us view your beautiful collection.
  15. Wow - quite the collection!! Great bags!:drool:
    I am thinking I will be looking you up...:graucho: