Pictures of my Mastiff swimming...hilarious!

  1. My Mastiff Oz goes swimming once a week. We do this to help control his weight and keep him limber and healthy but it's more because he LOVES the water. He goes totally nuts and loves to belly flop right into the water. Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures. Cheers!
    Oz jumping in.jpg Oz jumping in....jpg Oz and Jesse swimming.jpg
  2. One more of him at the end of the day.
    Oz at the end of the day.jpg
  3. Cute. Is that a pool just for pets?
  4. It's a pool originally built for horse therapy. It's in Middleburg, VA. Now it's only used for canine exercise and rehabilitation.
  5. Is that a little swimming buddy with him? How damn cute.
  6. that is SOOO cute!:heart:
  7. I just love his face! What a splash he must make.
  8. aww!!! That's a great idea!
  9. He is soooooo cute! I wish my cats would go swimming.
  10. Aww so cute! I love your dog!
  11. I love the jump at the beginning!

    *holds up scorecard saying 10*
  12. awwwwwww! so cute!!
  13. Indeed! I meant to mention him before. That's Jesse, a westie. He swims with Oz every week. it's hilarious to watch because Jesse is so much faster in the water than Oz and they go after the same toy. If Jesse gets it first, Oz will follow Jesse crying and whining the entire time. When he does this, I think to myself, yup, I have one of THOSE dogs. :smile:
  14. Here is a picture of Oz after entry--big big splash! I also included one where he's chasing little Jesse around the pool because he wants that toy so badly. LOL
    Splash.jpg Oz chasing Jesse.jpg
  15. awesome! i have a newfy....does your mastiff have any dysplasia problems? our newfy does so he does swimming too.