Pictures of my LV Suede Onatah!

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  1. First time LV does suede, I love it! Went CRAZY!!! with shoes too! For all those who asked, YES, I had my baby at 32! THanks for the compliments!!!! I could not decide between pink or I had to take both!
    LV ONATAH! 035.jpg LV ONATAH! 014.jpg LV ONATAH! 019.jpg LV ONATAH! 026.jpg LV ONATAH! 015.jpg
  2. Here are the shoes:love: :love: :love:
  3. So jealous of the bag and the abs...LOL
  4. :sad: can't see the shoes, but wow is that bag GORGEOUS!!
  5. Wow Star, that bag is amazing ! It's gorgeous in the brown !
  6. Beautiful!!!!! Its making me want to get that bag, but I'd soooo ruin the yellow. The brown is awesome too!
  7. I am hyaving trouble posting the shoes !
    LV ONATAH! 045.jpg LV ONATAH! 046.jpg LV ONATAH! 073.jpg LV ONATAH! 048.jpg LV ONATAH! 053.jpg
  8. everything's soo cute!! nice LV haul!
  9. Thanks everyone! I am loosing wireless connection again..sheesh, this is driving me nuts!:wacko: I am going back for a belt!:biggrin:
  10. Love everything Star the bag is georgeous!! i'm still waiting for mine!
    the shoes are hot hot hot!!
  11. Holy cow, Star! The bag is so cute, the shoes are awesome, and you look great! Talk about some serious shopping :love: I thought I could do some major damage :nuts:
  12. Wow, that bag is gorgeous...and so are you! I noticed your perfectly flat tummy before the bag!:biggrin:
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LUCKY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are ALL GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. totally cute bag! :smile: and the shoes!!!! *i'm fainting*
  15. star, I am so in love with the onatah bag! It looks fabulous on you!!