Pictures of my latest Dior!!!

  1. I special ordered this gorgeous bag from the nude collection,can hold it 2 ways, which do you prefer???. The shoes are from same collection:blink: more close-ups in my bag showcase! :yes: :biggrin:
    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg
  2. star that's a gorgeous classy and of course with the matching shoes i'm sure it'll be gorgeous.......i like both ways of holding it but the first way's nice just cuz it doesn't dangle as much.....beautiful as always :heart:
  3. Star,
    Shoes and bag are both gorgeous... Congrats on the purchase.... I like the 1st way of holding.
  4. wow hot! you always have the best accessories!
  5. Very nice, I had never seen that Dior bag. I love the detail.
  6. I love the matching shoes and bag combo!! Congrats :biggrin:
  7. :heart::heart: Gorgeous! Your collection becomes more enviable all the time. Love the handheld more than wristlet carrying style. Congrats on your new piece star!! :flowers:
  8. Soo cute ... love:love: the shoes, love:love: the bag! You have such great taste, very jealous over here!
  9. Oh thanks guys!:P I even thought Antil was the most entertaining thread tonight!:lol: :roflmfao:
  10. Now that is one gorgeous pair of shoes!! And I like the first way (more clutch stye) that you are carrying the dior.
  11. i like ur bag...
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!!! ahhhh...too gorgeous!
  13. Thanks guys!:P I guess I will wear it with the strap as the handle! Everyone agrees!:yes: :heart:
  14. I love the purse BUT the Shoes "Are to Die for"!!!!
  15. star777 - you've done it again!!!! woo hoo!!!! totally cute bag and shoes!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!