Pictures of my first RM and some thoughts -

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  1. So, I love it! It is everything I would want in a bag. I am growing to absolutely love the gold bottom, but I have a few comments. The bag is really smooshy except for the bottom, which is quite stiff. It's so stiff that I think if I folded it in half it'd stay that way, like a piece of folded cardboard! When I wear it as a shoulder bag... and I put my arm down, I hear a sort of noise similar to when one folds cardboard in half. I am worried that the gold bottom is not going to age well. I am hoping that it will soften up over time. I was playing with it a bit by bending it but I didn't want to ruin it! I don't want to keep it if I can't throw it over my shoulder without ruining it. It's also quite heavy! But I don't mind a heavy bag... I need the exercise, lol!

    I have some questions:
    Do the other RM bags have stiff bottoms so they 'stand up' or is it just this one?
    What are your thoughts on the way the gold bottom will age over time worn as a shoulder bag and being bent a bit?
    Have any of you had a bag with a thick crackled leather like this? How did it hold up?


    Ok, here are the pictures! Sorry they're bad quality. My camera is hating me today! They turned out yucky with and without the flash. Also the ones I took of me holding it turned out really blurry because I couldn't use the flash n the mirror. Oh well.. I know people have posted some great pictures already, but I figured I'd share!





    Thanks for viewing my thread ladies! :heart: I think this is the start of a new addiction. I would love a fun colored mini now. I can barely wait for the sample sale!
  2. Oh... and yes! I'm a bad, bad smoker! :P I don't carry much, but I collect lots of odds and ends throughout the day.
  3. Can I ask where you got it? The leather looks super soft.
  4. I bought it at Bloomingdale's during the Private Sale yesterday for about $335 - $376 after tax. Hate tax!

    The leather is suuuupper smooshy. :smile: It's very soft and feels great to the touch. The leather looks a bit worn in person, very nice!
  5. Gorgeous!! This is the Grey color?
  6. Thanks Chinkee21. It's actually the Night color (black), but my flash washed out the color in one of the pictures. Sorry about that!
  7. You are sooo lucky... That's a great deal on the bag!!! All their bags have pretty stiff bottoms. I'm more of an arm bag person though with this bag since I can't wear it over a jacket so it suits me fine. Kind of gives the bag structure.
  8. I love your bag and what a great deal! I was considering this bag too (was online somewhere and way more expensive) but I wasn't sure what colour midnight is (dark or light shade of black, or navy).

    Hoping to see some action pics soon! :graucho:
  9. Congrats on your first RM! It's lovely!
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies!

    Paintednightsky: I can't wait to get the Elisha strap to try out with it! Then it'll be a cinch to wear it as a shoulder bag, even with bulky sweaters or jackets.

    MADDOG, are you talking about a 'Midnight' Gold bottom bag? I think it comes in three colors: Blue (ocean), Fuschia, and Black. If it's a really dark color then it's definitely the one I have - the black! It's a very rich, deep black. It looks matte in some lights, but in the sun has a slight sheen! I hear that a lot of Dep. Stores are having great sales right now other than Bloomies.
  11. Very nice!! Can we see some modelling pics :smile:
  12. Thanks Nanashimara. Unfortunately I'm in Toronto, we only have 1 store tha sells RM. :\ And with my recent purchases, no more for me for the month.
  13. wow, that bag is GORGY!!!! you really got a great deal, congrats!!!!
  14. It is beautiful. Sorry I don't have any info. for you on the gold bottom.