Pictures of my first new Kelly pochette in Brown :D

  1. The leather is so soft and I love it soo much :heart: though I still haven't figured out where to take it out to.:confused1: it might just end up being another bag "kept" on the shelves. :girlsigh:
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  2. CONGRATS!!! I love the KP!
    Don't let it sit on the shelf! It's too pretty! Take it out! I take mine whenever I don't need to bring a lot, even in the day. Enjoy it!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
  4. Gorgeous, absolutely love the colour! Congrats and merry christmas!
  5. So pretty! What's the full specs?
  6. Thanks ms piggy. sorry. I am new to the forum posting. what do u mean by Full Specs?
  7. thanks all and tricia, should i spray something onto KP before i take it out? the leather feels so soft and it feels like it would be scratched easily.
  8. That is utterly gorgeous. It's at times like this that I (or, rather, my bank balance does!) "appreciate" the exclusivity of Hermes; if that bag were available today in Manchester, I'd be on my way now! Thanks for sharing.

  9. [​IMG]
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's beautiful! And yes, use it, don't let it collect dust. You won't do your KP justice leaving her in her dustbag and inside her box doing nothing.

    I agree with tricia. The KP is a very handy bag when I don't have alot to bring out of the house. tricia has 2 KPs and I have 3 KPs!

    Full specs meaning

  10. Beautiful acquisition CloufyFish! :tup:KellyP is a great versatile little and smart sized bag. Do take it out a lot! It makes a perfect transition from day to evening and from casual to dressy :yes:.
    Is it swift?
  11. My apology for confusing you. It means specification of the bag i.e. as spelled out above by dear MrsS.
  12. I love kps!!! Congratulations on getting yours!!!
  13. :yes: I am already thinking of my second one.

    Very pretty!! Looks like Havanne Evercalf to me.
  15. Very pretty! Gorgeous chocolaty colour:drool::drool: