Pictures of my first BE - a TME Midi in Petrol & AP

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  1. So I have been a lurker here forever and finally took the plunge into going back now! Here is my first bag and my Angel Purse! I am in love and trying so hard to not look at the 3 day sale. :crybaby:

    I LOVE this color!


    Fits a perfect amount for me: HH Pilot and AP on one side with keys, gum, and anti-bac spray, middle zipper has a medium Be Set with my first aid/lotion/yadda yadda items, other side has Large Be Set with snacks for the kids and my Storksak zippered pouch with personal items :tdown:. I can still put two sippies along side my other things for the kids and they stand up snug b/c of the other things. A great bag for me, but fits kid stuff too.


    What I fit inside...

    My Angel Purse with coupons in the middle, gift cards and punch cards on one side, and my extra cards (travel, movies, etc) on the other. This little thing is perfect for me!

    Hope you like! I was so undecided as to if the Midi would be too small and it is great. DOn't get me wrong though...this just means a full size of something is next! :idea:
  2. Yay! I've been longing to see these pics and sadly (or not ;)), I think I need an angel purse, now!!! Gorgeous!!!!
  3. Hi hildie - gorgeous pics. I had a TME (full size) in petrol and loved the colour so much - but it was simply too big for me. I can't believe how much the AP holds - I need to get one one soon!
  4. LOL! You know me...I have sampled so many of these little things and for one thing to be so compact and fit all of that extra stuff is perfect for me. Plus, it fits side by side with my HH pilot so perfectly in my bags vs it being too long and adding to the puffiness of a bag. :tup:
  5. I am afraid it will be too big for me, too. But I think it is the Love Me that looks like it might be a better full size for me...but for money. :nogood:
  6. hildie - Thanks for posting the pictures. Your Petrol TME Midi and AP look great!:tup:

    I've never been one to buy matching accessories, but I ended up with a Wine TME Midi and AP. I kind of like having the set, and I bet you'll enjoy your Petrol set as well.

    Be careful with the 3-day sale. I went to the website just to take a look and ended up with a Purple Crash Clutch Me. :Push:
  7. Very nice.... I love anything petrol ... Enjoy!
  8. LOL! I went and quickly shut it b/c I so want another one. I am quite intrigued with the crash. Can't wait to see pics of your new one!

    I used my BE this weekend, then put it away a few days, and took it out again this morning and was again struck my how soft the leather is. It is just a different soft than I have in my other bags.

    My hope is that people who buy too much today list on Ebay! :roflmfao:
  9. I am so pleased to see the pics of your TME midi - it looks gorgeous. I just bought a TME midi in the sale and your pics are much better than on the BE site - I don't like the way it looks all cinched up like that.
  10. When I first started buying BE bags last year, I never thought I'd buy anything in crash leather. Now, my favorite bag is my Black Crash TME Midi :heart:. I can't believe the website is still showing this bag as in stock! I also have a Pewter KM and a Plum Crash PM. I love the crash leathers! I need to stay away from the sale before something else ends up in my basket.

    Definitely keep an eye on eBay and Bonanzle. Lately, there have been some great bags available on both sites.
  11. These are gorgeous! Love the petrol color!

  12. great choices!
    I love the little ninja !
    I bought one for my bf but I may have to steal it from him to hang on my bag :graucho:
  13. Gorgeous! I have the TME in petrol and absolutely LOVE the leather and amazing color! Congrats! Oh, I love your angel too!
  14. Your TME Midi is gorgeous!! I had not seen in in the Petrol color before, but I think it looks fabulous in that color!
    Enjoy your bag!
  15. So gorgeous! I love petrol! Thanks for showing the AP too...I've been wondering what it looks like inside!