pictures of my Damier Speedy 25 and 30! (with plastic on the handles and boxes)

  1. I got my damier speedies today and they are beautiful!!! The box was huge!!! I want to keep both, but I'm also thinking of returning one and getting the damier keepall. So...which one will you gals return? Or would you just keep both? I'm really tempted to...
    damier1.jpg damier2.jpg damier3.jpg
  2. Let's see them both on you!!!
  3. Keep both definately!!!! After the price increase it'll only cost more anyway.....

    Great bags!! Enjoy!!!
  4. Congrats..they are beautiful. I bought 30..I have 25 and 30 already in mono. Why don't you take the pics of you with the bag ???
    By the way, did you ask your SA to leave the plastics on handles?
  5. ooo theyre to die for... BUT i LOVEEEEEEEE the keepall! its amazingly pretty
  6. love the 30... seems like the perfect size... and the keepall is really nice too...
  7. May be exchange the speedy 30 for the keepall?
  8. Both lovely!
  9. they're both TDF!!!
    Congrat's :smile:
  10. I agree, I would love to see a pic of you with them so we can better see which looks best.

    Both are great and hard to choose from
  11. I really love the 30...
  12. I will try to take pics of me with them both later! Thanks for all the comments! Also, about the plastic handles...I got them from 866vuitton so I assume they just left them there. Also, I was so relieved when they didn't pack it flattened!!!
  13. Also as another comment, the 25 feels more structured and less saggy than the 30! But I guess that's because the 25 has less material to sag.
  14. both are really gorgeous, but i'd keep only one - the 30.
  15. I saw both of them in the store yesterday and they are so cute.

    I agree that we need to see you model them to get and idea of which size looks best.

    But i say don't keep them both. Send one back and get a keepall

    How much are the keepalls by the way?