Pictures of my collection of brown Firsts

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  1. I hope you don't mind me sharing but I just received my lovely Sandstone First and I am very excited! :yahoo:

    I have three brown toned Firsts now and I think they look so cute together that I just had to post pics! I have lots of other b-bags but I just think these three in particular look so nice together :tender:

    Thanks for letting me share :flowers:

    From left to right - Sandstone SS07, Cognac SS06 and Truffle AW06


    Individual pics....



  2. They ARE cute - and gorgeous too! Love your sandstone!!!!
  3. .....And for all you girls that find brown a little bit boring, here is a pic of my Marine and Rouge Vermillion Firsts ;)

    Doesn't Rouge Vermillion *pop*!!! :nuts:

  4. Wow you have an amazing collection. I love the marine!!
  5. OOPs forgot to tell you congrats!!!
  6. Oh wow what an amazing collection, they look fantastic!!!
  8. GREAT:nuts:!!!
    Love that tone of brown...lovely collection...
  9. Beautiful collection:drool:
  10. congrats! beautiful collection!!
  11. Congrats:yahoo: i love them all. :drool:First is on my next wish list too.:wlae:
  12. Congrats!:yahoo:Sandstone looks absolutely beautiful! The three brunettes looks so cute together - indeed a lovely family.
  13. Beautiful collection! I especially love your vermillion........that's a great pic depicting this color. I think RV got a bad rep at the beginning of the season which is a shame because it's a perfect red for spring. I love it!
  14. Gorgeous collection! I love all the brown tones - it's so neat to see how they're all in the same basic family, and yet are so completely different in character!
  15. Great collection of firsts! I love all the browns together. I would like to get a brown first, but I really wear blacks and blues more, so I will probably not end up getting one for a while. Your pics make me want to go out and get a brown one though!