Pictures of My Collection, including Wine MAM!

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  1. Hi Ladies! Here are the pictures of my five morning after minis:smile: Enjoy!

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  2. Is that a wine MAM? It looks gorgeous!
  3. amjac! :tup: stunning! I love it!!!
  4. More wine, eggplant and navy

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  5. yup, that's the wine! It's my favorite!!!!!
  6. Wine, eggplant and navy oh my!!! LOVE IT!
  7. I :love: the Eggplant!!!!!!
  8. Where did you score that NAVY MAM from!?????
  9. Purple and Black!

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  10. And some pics of the entire family:smile:

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  11. I :love: all of your MAM's. I'm salivating with jealousy!!

    OMG ew... that's not a very pretty picture... NVM... I'm drooling over the gorgeousness of your bags!!!

  12. I got so lucky, I found it at a store in PA for 50% off in February:smile:

  13. Dee, you have such an AMAZING collection! Mine's only the tip of the iceberg... but maybe I'll buy some more at the trunk show on the 19th, hehe.

  14. LOL... Girlllll...I'm just WINE crazy! Will you definitely be going to the TRUNK show? I'm so jealous! I have to go upstate that weekend... :crybaby: Will you please take lots of pictures? :angel: :hugs: Oh and if you do buy bags, you get dibs on the brand new colors and styles plus 15% off.... :tup:
  15. 50% off a Navy MAM!!! :tup:
    Oh I'm so jealous!!!! AWESOME steal! Where in PA? Maybe I should try shopping around Philly when I'm there next week Sunday (though I HIGHLY doubt I'd be as lucky as you!).