**Pictures of my Coach Belted Ergo Magazine tote**

  1. First off, I need to apologize for the modeling picture - my FI is out of town and it's really hard taking your own picture (trying to avoid your head in the shots)...so, I'm sorry!

    The color is Plum - it looks like a brownish color indoors, but when you are outside, it is a beautiful, deep purple. I find it to be extremely versatile...so, if anyone has any hesitation about the color, don't! It's really great!

    For reference, I am about 5'3" and 112 pounds. The tote only looks large because of the angle, but it's definitely not too big though my perception might be skewed since I'm so used to using my YSL Downtown and JC Ramona (both much, much larger).

    And, I have my LV agenda, a small book, umbrella, keys, cell phone, Blackberry, Metro card, and gum in the tote.
    Picture 370.jpg Picture 372.jpg Picture 373.jpg Picture 371.jpg Picture 369.jpg
  2. Oh wow, it's so friggin cute! I love the plum best!!!
  3. I saw this at the oultet last week, additional 20% off, they are TDF, they are just to big for me, I am 5'0'', but I love them, Yours is beautiful, congrags!!
  4. This is already at the outlets?!?!?!? I thought it was brand new (then again, I'm very new to Coach, so my understanding might be off)! If it was there, that sucks because I paid full-price for it.
  5. I can't believe these are already at the outlets. I almost got one for PCE...I absolutely loved them. They didn't look quite right on me, and kept slipping off my shoulders, but I just loved the tote. I don't think they are at the outlets yet....:confused1:
  6. ^^^It's been a big complaint among customers lately that stuff is ending up at the outlet way too soon, it's barely in stores long enough before it's shipped to the outlets. It may have just been one that showed up, although I'm not near any outlets so I'm not too sure.
  7. That bag is gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for posting! As for it being seen at the outlets, most likely it was a return, or the previous ergo version. It's too new and I doubt it would be at the outlets that quick!
  8. SuLi - I am sold! I have ordered this bag from my local store and it should be here at the end of the week!! I'm soo excited - purple is my favorite color, and I love the tote style. This might be the "perfect" bag for me :smile: (crosses fingers)
  9. These are not in the outlets unless it was a damage. It has almost sold out in the company. A friend of mine ordered one today and there were only 4 left in JAX. I love the plum color!
  10. I love this bag. The color is just gorgeous.
  11. That is a seriously gorgeous tote! It sounds like it's very popular, too, so congrats on getting yours. It's really beautiful!
  12. Love the color. I got the larger tote w/ in tobacco with my PCE card. I needed the larger tote told hold baby items. I love how versatile it is too!

    Congrats! I'm very new to Coach and this is one of the few bags I just love.
  13. Thank you so much for these photos! The color is GORGEOUS! After seeing them I was convinced that I made the right choice in ordering this bag as my PCE purchase.

    Thanks again for the photos.
  14. It looks gorgeous on you and I just love the plum and the style.
  15. WOW....that is one hot bag!!!!! The color is GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats