Pictures of my Chanel 2.55 Reissue

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  1. Here are the photos. I want your honest opinions! If you think it doesn't look good, tell me! I think it looks pretty cool :shame: :P Sorry I look so bad in the photos, I'm really tired :shame: I'm very unphotogenic!





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  2. And here is the last one, of the bag in the crook of my arm.

  3. It's gorgeous !!

    And so are you, you're just too cute with the bag ! ;)
  4. Thank you :shame: :love:

    Hahahaha I just noticed you can see my toilet in one of the photos. Whoops :shame:
  5. Beautiful bag! It looks great on you!
  6. Okay, you totally lied to us about not being photogenic! The bag looks amazing! And it totally suits you! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! (See guys? This is what I am talking about in the "bag vs bag on you" post...this bag is gorgeous on Cristina, whereas my Paddy just looks "blah" on me!)
  7. Congratulations - it looks great on you! I read all about your quest to get this bag in the other thread, and I'm glad it ended happily!:biggrin:
  8. Ha! I see the toilet now! Don't least you didn't say "totally" twice in your post! :shame:
  9. is GORGEOUS!! My stomach literally flipped! Congrats!
  10. Aww, you got it! It looks great on you, Cristina! You're a real cutie!
  11. Love it - what size is it again, large, medium? Do you have the measurements? Do you mind telling us how much it costs? I am eying one too, but I am petite so I may go for a small one. Thanks!
  12. I was going to say I'm not a fan but it looks absolutely fab on you! I like how it looks in the crook of your arm better than on your shoulder.
  13. I think it looks pretty cool too and you look good carrying it. You will carry it for a lifetime.
  14. Ahem, where are the photos of you and your paddy so we can see?!

    Thank you :shame: I am feeling more sure about it now that I am getting opinions from you guys. I had a little bit of sticker shock when paying for it and driving home. But, when I saw the Chanel clothes that were for sale in the store (WTF, a skirt for $1280? Jacket for $4000? Ha!), I realize the price of the bag could be worse!

    At least the bathroom is clean :shame: The bf cleaned it yesterday while I was shopping :lol:

    Thanks x 100000 ladies!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  15. I agree with the above posters! The bag really really suits you, it looks great and you look great!
    Congratulations, it is such a beautiful bag... and that really shows in the photos. I think the size and colour are perfect.