Pictures Of My Brand New Pink Ergo Keyfob!!! Its Soo Cute Opens And Everything :)

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  1. this is even better then i even IMAGINED :smile:
    its a lot bigger then i thought which is awsome!!! It has a real open pocket on the front, and then there is a snap and the keyfob opens just like a little purse!!!!!!! :smile: AND it has the signature legacy lining!!! HOW AWSOME IS THAT!? :smile:
    enjoy the pics

  2. Oh my gosh! So cute! I want one for my favorite teddy bear, even though he's a boy. :shame:
  3. this is so cute! does it come in other colors?
  4. That is absolutely adorable!!! :drool: Thank you so much for posting those pictures - it really shows off the keyfob. Thanks!
  5. hehe petitnm get him the blue one!! :smile:

    and yess mrsjimmyh it comes it a turquoise color and white
  6. its big tho if you see the picture of it in my hand its much larger then it looks in the coach website pics :smile:
  7. For sure. I'm going to bust out my gift card tomorrow morning and phone my SA! :yes:
  8. wow so much detail! I love the legacy lining inside.
  9. You have to, petitemn!
    I LOVE mine!

    Great color, bessie!
  10. Thanks for the pics! I've seen lots of photos of them on bags, but in your hand, I can really see how big it is! LOOOVVEEE the lining!! I'm saving for an actual people sized ergo though - I may have to break down and buy that cute little fob if I need a quick Coach fix though!
  11. Awww! Isn't it ADORABLE?!? :love:

    I have that same one (pink). She's SO PRETTY!

    I kinda want the other two colors now! :graucho:
  12. helpl!!! slush, congrats! :yes:
  13. hehe thanks addictedtocoach!! haha i know i want to buy the other 2 also, i have NO IDEA what im going to do with this one but i want them alL!!! they are SOOO cute!! :smile:

    and petitemn you TOTALLY should get it its so adorable!!!

    and kidlearner HAAH :smile: i know i would love a people sized ergo too but for now this will def hold me over !:smile:
  14. Too cute! =)
  15. Love the keyfob! I'm holding out for the people size hobo... maybe I should get this in place of the tote! The legacy lining is great.