Pictures of my Audra! I love it.....but what do you guys think?

  1. Hi all!

    As I mentioned in a previous thread, I bought the Audra in Black yesterday in London. I absolutely love it to bits! I am very excited about the Audra range - it is way better than the other new releases this season IMO :yahoo:

    But I appreciate that this bag is not to everyone's taste. In fact, I'm usually a very neutral, no fuss type of girl so this is something different for me. When I saw it on-line, before seeing it IRL, I didn't think all that much to it :tdown:

    The patent leather is just so lovely to touch - like liquid and so soft and rich looking. The style is so quirky and edgy and looks fab with jeans and a black t-shirt :supacool:(although it would look very odd with a pretty summer dress!haha!).

    I love the detailing - the squares you can see are chucks/layers of moulded leather and as well as four on each side, there are also four on the base to protect the bottom of the bag. The contrasting red zip, silver/bronze lock feature and chocolate brown leather trims are a great touch too :okay:

    Anyway, my SO does not like the bag at all. He usually likes my taste but he doesn't like this bag :nogood:

    So.....what do you all think?
  2. [​IMG]



  3. very edgy. not for everyone, but if you like it, then go with it.
  4. Its cute overall but I don't like the zipper!
  5. personally, i :heart: it.
    i think it's absolutely sleek, classy and edgy at the same time... i would kill for it:tup:
    the hardware looks amazing, and i have a thing for bags you can wear with earth tones and cool tones.

    obviously, i can't gush enough!!!!
  6. The body style reminds me of the Betty, so I like that, but not too keen on the red zipper.
  7. Not a fan of the zipper either sorry!

    But so glad you love it!
  8. Honestly I think it's a little TOO MUCH, and hard to match with clothes unless you are mostly wearing basic pieces.
    Sorry it's just my opinion. If you really like it then go for it, bag is a personal thing after all.
  9. Thank for your feedback everyone :heart:

    So only one of you guys like it so far :crybaby: That's fine because it's all about opinions and like I said in the first post, this bag is not everyone's cup of tea :nogood:

    I just love it though - any more fans out there? hehe!
  10. I love the look of it. But i hate the red zip. If it were black id jump at it as my next bag. It looks like the betty and i love the patent leather. Have loads of fun with her she is a smasher.
  11. hmmm, i'm not sure... :shrugs:
  12. I think it's cute!! The soft patent leather looks really special.
  13. i'm shocked it's not everyone's drug of choice as well! i do have funky style, but hmmm:sad:

    i had to come back for another peek... that's how much i :heart: it!
  14. Last winter I bought a small hobo style Coach bag that has green suade on the bottom, black and white tweed for the body, mink trim around the top, a green python handle and a small tiffanys blue velvet bow with a crystal on the front. My hubby to be HATED it....however there was just something about it that I loved....Its just so different, and so much fun to carry....hell sometimes I even wear it when I'm dressed down. My hubby to be has even gotten to like it, and I think its because when I wear it I know I love it, and thats all that matters!! I think everyone should own at least one bag that might be a little edger than what we are use to....I hope you rock that bag everytime you use it:rochard:
  15. I like the patent leather, but the shape and the details are not for me.