Pictures of my 08 Dark brown reissue as promised ladies!

  1. Here are the pictures of 08 dark brown reissue that i just picked up today!
    id say shes a bit darker than the pictures browinsh and bronze and the same time maybe with a hint of copper too :pand veryyyy pretty! i'm in love!:heart::heart::heart:
    Do you guys like it?
    darkbrown.jpg darkbrown2.jpg Darkbrown1.jpg
  2. OMG!!!
    It's stunning!!
    Is it 226? and is that gold chain that I see??
    I'm so jealous!!
    Congrats and enjoy this beauty!!!
  3. wow! ~ it's simply stunning! ~ :woohoo: ~ huge congratulations!
  4. Wow! That's gorgeous!! I didn't even know dark brown was ordered for spring. Congrats and wear her in good health.
  5. its goorgeous :nuts:
    plez take some pix without flash ... i want to see the color in day light
  6. wow, lovely, congrats!
  7. Wow gorgeous! :tup:
    Does it have gold hardware? Agree with Chanelle, would you mind to take pics of this beauty without flash? I would also like to see how the gold HW looks.
    TIA :flowers:
  8. I like ... congrats and enjoy!
  9. It's beautiful! :drool:
  10. beautiful and congrats! =)
  11. gorgeous!!! Where did you get this from? Congrats!!!
  12. wow, congratulations!! can't wait for modeling pictures :smile:
  13. WOW!!! That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a fantastic colour ... congrats!!!
  14. wow!!! congrats on your lovely new bag! i didn't even know brown metallic was coming out! another color to add to my wishlist :whistle:
  15. c'est fantastique!! I love brown bags, and the metallic just makes it so rich. Do tell, where did you find this? We Americans seem to have missed the boat on brown :tdown: