Pictures of my 05 Chocolate Twiggy :)

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  1. I just thought I would share pictures with everyone of my 05 Chocolate Twiggy. I got her in the F/W almost 2 years ago. She's a real beauty but I barely wear her cuz I find the Twiggy to be a tad small :sad: Anyway I think the color is gorgeous and you just cannot beat 05 leather huh? :graucho:

  2. Oh! I'll take her!!! :yahoo: She's amazing!!! :heart:
  3. The color is really nice, I think it's a great bag!!
  4. gorgeous yummy chocolate - that's always been one of my fave colors :drool:
  5. oh, she's yummy! looks like a cousin to my 07 cinnamon twiggy...make sure you don't neglect her this fall!:biggrin:
  6. [​IMG]
    This is a most yummmiest leather!!!
  7. ooooohhhhh Star, she's yummy:p... the leather is FABULOUS! Correct me if I'm wrong, you have both 05 and 07 do they compare?
  8. Well the 05 leather is nothing less than fantastic. It's clearly the best leather ever for Balenciaga. The S/S leather from this year I thought was a hit or miss. The Black was horrid but the Anthracite was nice. Now on the F/W 07 leather, the Black Brief I have has unbelievable gorgeous thick buttery leather but it's shiny. Not that that is bad at all, I just notice that the 05 leather was more matted. I didn't buy any bags in 06 so I don't know how that leather was, but I would say 05 is still the best. It was the most consistant in that almost every bag was perfect.
  9. Thanks:flowers:...very informative:tup:
  10. chocolate....yum.....looks good enough to eat! i have to agree about the 05 leather. one of the best leather season along with the 04 leather.
  11. Yeah I don't understand why they can't duplicate that great leather from 05 and 04!!!
  12. I love your Choc 05 twiggy - so delicious looking! Don't leaver her home, she needs to get out and about, lol!
  13. such gorgeous leather! you should post more pictures of your collection... it sounds beautiful!
  14. She is gorgeous. I love the color. Thanks for sharing. :love:
  15. :wtf: she's gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing! you should use her more often! :heart: