Pictures of my 03/04 bags!

  1. I adore the older bags!:yes: Here is my 03/04 collection:

    1. My beloved 04 black first with silver hardware!

    2. The 03 blue first, which I was fortunate enough to get from the lovely Mimz.:heart:

    3. This bag here is perfection, the 04 turquoise twiggy.

    4. And last but not least my newest beauty, I got her from the very fabulous chaussurewhore, the O3 Lilac city!!! I love this bag!:love::tender:

    Thanks for looking!:flowers:
    DSC_0125.jpg DSC_0129.jpg DSC_0120.jpg DSC_0114.jpg DSC_0117.jpg
  2. O.M.G.:wtf: :wtf: :drool:

    :yahoo: Gorgeous!!!
  3. you have my dream bbag! 03 blue first! wow! wow! and again wow!
  4. They are all beauties - love the turquoise twiggy. Thanks for posting
  5. gorgeous collection cilla!! Love that 03 blue... :heart: more and more each time i see it!
  6. :drool: Oh my... they are all just TDF but that turquoise........:drool: :drool: is now on my wish list. That bag is just gorgeous. Beautiful collection cilla.:yes:
  7. wow, I want your collection! I, too love the older b-bags. Don't know how you decide which one to use. I'd want to carry all of them!
  8. what a nice bags, omg, the silver hardware:drool: i want!!!!!!!!
  9. You all are wonderful, thank you for the nice comments!
  10. fabulous....I love the lilac.
  11. Golden Oldies are the best!! :heart:Love your collection:heart:
  12. *drool* those are gorrrrrgeous!
  13. :drool: 0o0o0o older b-bags are SO fricken HOT!!! :supacool:
  14. Beautiful collection!
    Thanks for sharing with us.:idea:
  15. OMG cilla! i looove all your bags! congrats
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