Pictures of me with my Miu Miu Bow Satchel :)

  1. I really really like it! The only thing is that I wish I knew how to make the strap shorter. Someone else posted how but I couldn't figure it out :confused1:

    Other than that, I looove the bag! What do you think?




  2. Oh... It is so feminine and classic! You carried it so well!

    There was a very recent thread talked about how to shorten the strap. If I remember correctly, the OP has a beige color Miu Miu Bow Satchel as well, and she got the instruction from her SA.

  3. That's super cute! Enjoy it!
  4. Let me try to tell you how to shorten the long strap. First, unhook one end of the long strap from the "O" ring that is attached to the side of the bag, Second, thread that long strap through the "O" ring that you just unhooked the strap from, Third, bring the hook over to the other "O" ring that the other hook is attached to and hook it to that ring. You should now have 2 hooks attached to one "O" ring and your strap should be doubled and a great length! Hope that helped. Your bag is Gorgeous!! ;)
  5. ^ The strap won't go through the O. It doesn't fit! It has the half circle thing attached and it can't fit through. I'm so confused.
  6. wow, that looks great on you! I dont think it needs to be shortened, it looks hot that way.
  7. Gorgeous! May I ask where you bought yours? I did see it at Barneys NY about a month ago, but I didn't get it as I was on the hunt for a Bal Day bag. I don't see it anywhere online.
  8. I got it at Nordstrom. They said they only had 3 left in their system. Well I guess 2 left now. This was on Monday.
  9. I really adore this bag, you'll be so happy with it, congrats!
  10. Hey Starbrite, your bow looks gorgeous!!!!! And you really carry her well, wow.. hope you had already figured out on the strap shortening...
  11. I was very confused about how to go about shortening the strap too!When I unhooked it from the first side I couldn't thread it through the O on the bag either. In order to do that you have to take off the metal piece at the end of the strap. First you pull the strap clasp open(the little button thing near the end of the strap), then pull off the little round leather ring, then pull off the metal piece at the end. At this point you should be able to thread it through the O on the bag, then you put the clasp back onto the strap and attach the strap to the other side of the bag where the other strap is also attached........Phew I hope I haven't confused you further!

    The bag looks beautiful, enjoy it!
  12. It is absolutely gorg on you! So wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How comfortable is it? Do you feel it's heavy?
  13. o gosh, i want one for myself! congrats!
  14. HOT! I LOVE it!
  15. looks great!