Pictures of Marigold City? '04 Yellow? '03 Mustard?

  1. I have seached in vain for photos of these bags. Does anyone have any pics of these rare colors in Cities, Twiggys, Etc...:shrugs:

  2. Oh i would love to see photos of marigold!!
  3. Do these pics not exist?:sad:

    Oh well...
  4. This is mine that I just sold on ebay... Marigold 04 :crybaby:
    Merigold3.JPG Merigold2.JPG
  5. here you go...

    marigold city side by side w/ anis city...:graucho:
    CIMG2583.JPG CIMG2598.JPG
  6. Wow beautiful bags ladies!!!!!!!!!
  7. What a beautiful Marigold city!
  8. whoever bought it is one lucky gal! and what a GREAT price for you:smile:
  9. Your bags are so beautiful!

    Congrats Luvpurse ! I 'm so sad I missed your auction the second time around :crybaby:
  10. A marigold city! Thanks! I bet something like that would cost a grip...:ninja:. I have a new fantasy now.
  11. Love the marigold city but its just so difficult to find one in pristine condition:sad:
  12. S/S 04 Yellow:

  13. Super pretty, Superchick! Nice find!
  14. beautiful bags ladies :heart: :drool: :heart:
  15. It's fun to see these rarer colors!!