Pictures of Lilac & Biscuit 2008 spy bags

  1. Went to London again today and saw IRL the new spies for 2008, no LE I'm afraid.

    Their is no pink spy, although it looks pink in the picture, the new spy is called Biscuit, its quite nice, a sort of fawn colour.

    Then theirs the Lilac, which again is very nice, a lot darker than the pictures, but its not a Bold colour like Fendi have done with their other spies. Ideal for summer.

    Anyway took a few pictures.
    138_3825.JPG 138_3824.JPG 138_3822.JPG 138_3821.JPG 138_3823.JPG
  2. Oh i like the purple... thanks Saich2 for the wonderful picture!
  3. great pics saich... i am liking these better than in the catalogue pics. the biscuit color looks a lot like the gray from a couple seasons back.
  4. I like the Biscuit. It looks like the cream coloured spy that I have always wished for, but not quite.
  5. SAICH -- as always, thanks for doing reconnaissance for us :yahoo:
    I know, its a tough job, but someone has to do it...:graucho:

    On the new spies, the biscuit sort of reminds me of the 2005 camel, good idea. It blends better/more neutral than the honey spy, and the 05 version was a different leather than the one used on nappa spies today.

    I hate to piss on FENDI things...but what were they thinking with the lilac? :wtf:
    Its a pretty color, no question...but matching it up with your wardrobe, or even buying things to go with it...not sure that is the way I would want to go...

    (no offense to Suying..I know you are a girlie girl...:p)

    WHATSAMATTA FENDI :confused1:, didn't you hear us in the Forum begging...OK groveling on the floor in desperation for an Eggplant Spy....JEESH!:hysteric:

    Somebody should tell these folks they are making poor business decisions...OK? :shrugs: Oh yeah, and Karl, get rid of that ridiculous black glove & suit look...its pathetic.

  6. mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiilaaaaaaaaac :drool:

    Don't get me wrong, baglady, I would personally KILL, KILL I'm telling you, for deep rich Eggplant or red-toned Plum. But I come from the Balenciaga world where the more "out there" the color the better. We're accustomed to overhauling our entire wardrobe to match and build around our yummy colored bags. :upsidedown: Lilac is the first new Spy color in a long while that's rubbing me right :yes:.

    Thanks for the pics Saichyloo :heart:

  7. Baglady - sometimes I have such a hard job, going from shop to shop, takeing pictures, chatting to SA......being given Chocs and coffee,being kissed by managers,:yucky:... but I do it for the love of the spy:crybaby:its a hard would not believe the conversations I have had with these managers, trying to get Fendi to make an Eggplant, Red and a Mustard spy, think these new colours are nice, but they did not blow me away and yes the biscuit is just like the camel but lighter I think.

    Deco - my photos have the bag coming up a bit lighter than what it is.
  8. I'm still disappointed at the new Spy colors! Dont get me wrong, I love colored bags and am currently attepting to bring as much color as I can into my collection. However, when it comes to Spy bags, there are certain standards. The Spy bag is such a dignified bag that putting silly colors like lilac on it look just that...silly. Lilac looks fabulous on Balenciaga bags, no doubt, but not on a Spy. A Spy bag needs deep, rich, bold colors to match its grandious structure. I guess we'll all just have to keep our fingers crossed for next year!
  9. I was thinking the same thing CleoCouture, that a spy bag would look best in deep rich colors. The pink is pretty, maybe if I saw it IRL I would absolutly love it.
  10. I totally sympathise with you Saich... I really need to get myself into this line of work... :graucho:
  11. Even better :graucho:!
  12. Thanks for the pictures! But its looks like no spy for me!
  13. uh oh, looks like I'm another minority here..yeah the purple isn't perfect but I still like it! Can't wait to see it!
  14. Saich, you're great at Spy Recon! Thanks for thinking of us ladies here on the board on your trips.

    I don't know... the lilac Spy is growing on me......... :sweatdrop:
  15. ^---- Yup, confirmed: I like that Lilac Spy.

    Really love the hints of red in that color. My bag budget is in trouble now. :s