Pictures of LE Eggplant Zucca and LE interlocking F spy

  1. Just got back from London and got to see the purple LE Zucca, it is a deep deep purple (Eggplant) in colour, its made of silk like material, down the front is leather which looks like tortoise shell, a bit like the original zucca handles, this leather is patent brown. The bag is very nice but its a bit OTT for me, whats everyone think, also.....

    Took some pictures of the interlocking F spy, I do love this spy and if it was £3,000 or $6,000 would buy it but think its over priced at £5,000 or $10,000.

    Can I ask everyone on the PF to look out for this bag in the US and let me know if you see it on sale, hope everyone does not mind me asking, but theirs no way it will be on sale in the UK as only Fendi in London has one. Thank you so hope you find it or if you find it perhaps you can ask if it will be on sale.

    Pick up this top by Paula Thomas for Thomas W., The skull is lovely with bronze colour rinestones, thought it would go with the Zucca. What do you think
    138_3841.JPG 138_3842.JPG 138_3843.JPG 138_3844.JPG 138_3845.JPG
  2. Heres some more pictures, by the way Lit, look every where for the Rust could not see it, think they must have sold out....sorry
    138_3846.JPG 138_3847.JPG 138_3851.JPG 138_3849.JPG 138_3850.JPG
  3. Wow the interlocking spy is cool! I havent seen it yet, im on holiday in Bangkok and ive been to 2 Fendi stores so far... SO far ive only seen the purple beaded one in the pictures above.

    Also Saich i agree, the Lilac is quite nice, much darker than the pictures. Ive also spotted a vermillion coloured spy which im pretty sure is new...?

    Yeah the purple beaded spy is stunning, but a bit OTT for me. I guess it depends on how daring you are? lol
  4. Saich - Love the pics. The gold on the purple one look much brighter and flashier than it does on the zucca. I must say that I think I prefer the zucca beaded myself.... unless I was going to Vegas or something could I pull off the eggplant.

    I still don't get the F-bag, but I haven't seen it in rl. I imagine that it must look much more beautiful or else you wouldn't be wanting it. I'll ask around over on this end of the bogg.

  5. Saich, I looooove the eggplant zucca LE. She's gorgeous!!! But I agree, OTT.

    Will keep a lookout for you on the interlocking F Spy.
  6. Thats what I said, BalenciagaLove, I said to the SA as I held the purple Zucca, an ideal bag for interlocking F has the softest leather I have ever felt, also it does have hand work all over it, but then again, like I said to the Manager so did the crackle spy and that cost £2,600 or $5,000 so how come the interlocking is double the price of the crackle, he had no

    Thanks everyone for looking out for this bag for me, but think unless somewhere like Saks or NM have it, the bag will not be on sale. Need to find a Saks or another big store that has this bag.
  7. Gorgeous bags! I agree the purple one is OTT, but I do enjoy looking at it. Love the skull top. It really does look fantastic with the bag!
  8. is this the same purple one that kneehighz posted about?:shrugs:
  9. Yes lindseylee, it is the same purple one that kneehighz loves. It is a lovely bag, and the colour is very rich and warm, just not for me.
  10. Saich, love the top w/ the Zucca and shoes, you have amazing taste!!!
  11. Thank you, glad you like them
  12. Thanks for the pm Saich it took me a while to get here. I saw the bag today again, yes it is really out there and not like me at all but I still like it! It looks good ON me! Don't love it and don't have the money for that so I doubt I'll ever get it but I can always try it on at the store while its here... :smile:
  13. :drool: <--wish I could make that bigger. Oh yeah I had typed out a long reponse here and my window randomly closed. Basically I also saw some other new spies, one that looked like a pretty light pink/light brown. I think its supposed to be the new tan or whatever but it looks pink (not like the bright pink in the picture in the other thread) so its really pretty. Still haven't seen the purple leather one though..
  14. That might have been the biscuit you saw, I thought it look a little pink but its more a biscuit colour when you put it in the correct light.

    I am like that with the interlocking F spy, always hold it when I go to Fendi in Slone
  15. I do like that eggplant zucca ... if only I had extra money lying around! The Thomas Wylde top looks perfect with your spy ... I think you'll look pretty hot wearing it with your gorgeous spy and sunnies!