Pictures of keys with diamonds

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  1. I know BGD makes one but wondering if anyone has keys and could post info and a mod pic? I love the Tiffsny enchant key but it out of my budget now and looking for an alternative. Thanks!
  2. I love the Tiffany keys but not the price tag. So, I have been on a mission to find a key that has a similar style to the Tiffany ones. This is the one that I am going to get. What do you think? Eventually, I would love a long DBTY chain for it.

    I would love to see other diamond keys and wondering if there has been a thread created?

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  3. Maybe it's just me but I'm not digging this one. I don't like the bottom of this key (with the two pieces sticking out) and it seems too long and skinny. It could just be my taste. The important thing is if YOU like it.
  4. I love the top and could live w the skinniness/length but I am not loving the two pieces sticking out on the bottom, either! I think that is why I was hoping to see if there is something else out there. Thank you for your honest opinion, I do appreciate it. This is the one from BGD but it is more $ and is .87 carat:

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  5. ^ Yes, but it might be worth it to get this one. I think it's gorgeous (and one I would actually buy in place of a Tiffany diamond key). Think of it as a lifetime piece and how much you'd love wearing it.
    I find the pieces where I talked myself down to save a buck, I'm not as attached to and some I've even sold and yet the ones that were a little bit of a bank breaker - at least they felt that way - are the ones that I really, really love and will never part with.
  6. So true! Thank you!
  7. So pretty!
  8. Perfect...more of a statement piece!