Pictures of Gryson Olivia vs. Skye?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I tried a search earlier, but could only find pictures of the Gryson Olivia. I'm trying to decide between both the Skye and Olivia, but not getting a good IRL sense. I've been to Active Endeavors and the Skye looks tiny, but I've read up on the posts that say that the Skye is deceptively large. I'm going through the age-old PF debate of choosing between the Skye and Olivia.

    If someone could post some pictures of their Skye, and tell me what they have in it, I would really appreciate it.

    Some specs about me...I'm around 5'3". I would need to be able to carry a small umbrella (very small), my LV agenda, cell, blackberry, book, and keys, and maybe one or two incidentals (small bottle of moisturizer).

  2. SuLi, i am trying to post some pictures of the skye and olivia bags next to eachother for you. For some reason, i can't download them onto this site. All of the things that you say you carry, i can fit in both my Skye and Olivia bags. when i can figure out how to post pics, i will!
  3. ok, here is a pic of the two bags next to each other.
    Olivia v. skye.JPG
  4. oohhh. they are both beautiful! good luck deciding!
  5. GrysonGirl - Thanks for the pictures! I really appreciate it!

    For the Skye bag, with all the things in it, did it seem "packed" to the gills, or was there some room? I managed to go to Neiman Marcus last night and they had the Olivia there. I just think that it will be too big. I'm torn. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi SuLi, I'm 5ft 2ins and I like a big bag and carry a lot of stuff, but I have the Skye and it is fine. I thought it would be too small when it arrived but it is deceptive. The Olivia really is very big and looks more like a weekender on some less than 5ft 6ins!
    Good luck with deciding....
  7. with all of my things in it, the skye is not overly stuffed, and i carry a wallet, umbrella, planner, make-up bag, etc.
    but, if you are considering olivia, which i have as well, and put at least 2 pairs of shoes in as well as everything else, Joy Gryson, the designer, is 5'2" and carries an olivia and it does not look overpowering on her.
  8. Hi SuLi, I am wondering if when you looked at the Olivia, you took all the stuffing out of the bag. I ask this because this bag has the amazing ability to morph itself into a completely different look when it has objects of weight on the inside as opposed to weightless, fluffy stuffing. When held by the braided handles or hung from the shoulder strap with weight in it, it really does not look nearly as large. It takes on a slimmer more drapey and infinitely more attractive shape. I have seen smaller women carry it, and I like the look.

    As for whether the Skye will hold your inventory of goodies, I think it will based on my experience with mine. However, with all of that inside I think you might find yourself having to, say,remove your wallet to get your umbrella out, or take out your agenda and your wallet to unearth your hand lotion. The Olivia would allow you to find your stuff without having to take other things out in the process, and allow you to carry additional things on occasion.

    I'm thinking that maybe Joy Gryson should consider offering a bag that is sized in between the Skye and Olivia! Good Luck deciding. It's such a delicious dilema!
  9. They Have! It's the Tate. It's taller than the Skye and if you open it up, it's very roomy. Here's my pics of my Skye and Tate. I love them both.





  10. romeolady - I did try the Olivia without the stuffing in it. I know that it's super smooshy so when it's sitting, it looks a lot larger than it really is. But, I do have a lot of larger bags (getting large bag fatigue here..hehe) and thought a mid-sized one might be good. I'm finding that I'm carrying my large bags on the weekends because I don't have too many smaller bags.

    Lexie2000 - Thanks for your pictures. The Tate is cute, but I prefer the E/W shape of the Olivia and Skye.

    I decided to order the Skye in Grey from Neiman's. I think it should arrive today and I will give everyone a full report. Thank you!!!!!
  11. Great choice, I just love the Skye!! It's on my bag wish list and when I go to the US in July I'll definetely buy it.
    The grey looks fabulous!