Pictures of grey reissue 226

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  1. I've had this bag for a while, but my camera was broken until only just recently.

    I ended up with a replacement camera, and I was never a very good photographer -- plus the re-sizing issue really flumoxed me. So hopefully these will turn out OK.

    More in a bit...
    Resize Assistant-1.jpg
  2. Good! It's working.

    Will post more pics. shortly.
  3. More pics:
    Chanel2.jpg Chanel3.jpg Chanel4.jpg
  4. Oh yay! Pics. I love to see pics.:yahoo:
  5. Very nice.
  6. oooohhh nicety.
  7. I love your bag,Beautiful. I have problems resizing pics . Your pics are great. I always seem to cut out most of the pic to show,before it will be small enough to fit the pf.:yes::flowers:
  8. Are you loving it? I have one and really love it.
  9. melisande it's gorgeous!!:heart: :heart:
    I love this bag so much! I always love seeing pics!
  10. Thanks so much, guys. Yes, I really love this bag. I've really grown so comfortable with it -- I find it really easy to wear. I find it really light, and convenient. One thing I really like about this bag in particular (strange to say this, I know, but it's true!) is the smell (!)

    Incidentally, these pictures were taken with the bag empty -- that's why it looks a little flat.
  11. That's a nice gray bag. Congrats.:smile:
  12. Thanks, chanelvgirl!
  13. beautiful! and i love your dress, too! :heart:
  14. I love the grey reissue. Looks great on you
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