Pictures of Graffiti Alma PM anyone?

  1. I'm trying to decide if the PM is the size for me. Does anyone have a picture of the bag being carried? I've never seen this bag IRL, so I'm hoping to be able to gauge size and how it would look from a photo...

    TIA!!!!! :flowers:
  2. Here is a pic of me with mine and VB with hers:graucho::
    graffitibag1.JPG 269.jpg
  3. OMG...those are exactly what I was looking for...thanks for the pics Irene!!!!! That is DEFINITELY one HOT bag...I must have it!!!!!!!!!!

    A picture's worth a thousand words...and these pics definitely confirm for me that this is the size I want...more than any words could...thanks again!!!!!!!!
  4. Anyone have pics of the MM size being carried? Just out of curiosity?
  5. Here you go (again me and VB:lol:):
    graffitiMM.JPG 4169ex.jpg
  6. LoL & VB were destined to be BFF in another life LOL Same bags...same great taste :smile:
  7. Uh-oh...the MM's really cute too!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... :shrugs:

    Hehehe...Irene, do you also have a handsome DB-like man on your other arm? :graucho:
  8. :lol: You are too funny!!! I sure do!!!:graucho: :wlae:
  9. You are one lucky lady - handsome DH on one arm, LV on the other!!! ;)