Pictures of German Toki

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  1. Ok here as promised are the pictures of my German pre-lesportsac Toki. In the Bad Trip pattern.

    Front of tote
  2. [​IMG]
    Close up of pins

  3. [​IMG]

    Next to my stuffed to the brim Bella Pirata
  4. [​IMG]
    Side view
  5. Oh wow, that thing is HUGE! It's really nice. Not my style, but my bf's sis is DYING for these.
  6. Ohh, its pretty cool looking!
  7. yeah its pretty wild, Messangers aren't usually my thing that bella is about as big as I like my bags. Bad Trip will be accompanying me to J-rock Revoloution in LA next week got to fit in with all the J-rock fans and according to my cousin messangers ar the "it" bag of the punk community
  8. Nice bag!! My bf is thinking about one of those too!
    How much was shipping...did you get it from Is the euro ~1.5 dollars?
  9. oooh nice bag ... I want the bowling bag style one ... :biggrin:
  10. wow, that's pretty cool. it's so different from the bright, cute, tokidoki of now...
  11. yeah .. it's like Simone was angry and rebellious back then but now he's all tra-la-la and happy :P

    It's toki-evolution!!
  12. gahhh.. i like that toooo. nice bag, adelpheansis!!
    dmmit now i want one of those.. :s
  13. Wow, it is a lot different. Very goth, cool!