Pictures of fashion_junky's Eggplant Classique

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  1. Time to drool! :love: :nuts:


  2. Thanks for resizing and posting them Cristina!! :P
  3. Beautiful collection, fashion_junky! I hope you are feeling better.
  4. Okay....I am over the moon for the Eggplant bag! It's my FAVORITE color and I had no idea B-bags came in this color. Do they still make this?!?!? Can I get a City in Eggplant?!?!? :love:

    Oh yeah.....beautiful collection and great photos. Sorry. I got very excited!:wacko:
  5. Beautiful. :love:
  6. OMG! Gorgeous bags!!!
  7. It's to die for! Congrats! :nuts: :love:
  8. Gorgeous collection! Congrats!
  9. I love this color.. yummy
  10. Wow - I love it; but, I like that turquoise city even more...:love:
  11. Wow they are all beautiful !!!!
  12. gor gee us!!!! Love that color! heck all your colors! nice!
  13. My goodness--another incredible color!!! These bags are dangerous!

    Congratulations--you are going to make a lot of us jealous!!!
  14. Thank you everyone :shame:

    I have to say, the leather on the eggplant is to die for, soooo buttery soft :love:. I'm loving the color even more than I thought I would - it is a nice change from all of my shades of green!
  15. Wow I so want your collection. I would take any one of those bags especially that pistachio! Gorgeous :smile: