Pictures of Ex-Girlfriends

  1. How would you feel if your SO kept photos of his ex-girlfriends? Pictures include: (i) close up portraits, (ii) pictures of them sitting close/arm around each other; (ii) artistic looking photos of her naked (yes its true!)

    I feel most uncomfortable about the artistic looking naked pictures... but what would you say and how would you approach it?
  2. Ummm.... I would not feel comfortable about that. I mean if the situation was turned around would he be ok with you having nude photos of you ex's?
  3. How serious are you? If you are really serious, heading in the marriage direction, you just need to tell him, and have a plan in place depending on what he answers. If this is important to you (the first couple wouldn't bother me, but the nude one's, well, he'd have to burn those!!) he needs to know now!

    Good luck!!
  4. Well, I don't care much about the pictures.

    However, if they were naked I would DEFINATELY have an issue! LOL I don't have a problem with Playboys or men's magazines. But, I would not want my DH to keep naked photos of a woman he had sex with. Do you think they were photos that he just didn't realize he still had lying around!?!
  5. i would totally have a problem with that... especially the naked ones! are they out or does he have them in a box? if he has them in a box and seldom, if ever, looks at them, then it's not too big of a deal. however, if they're lying around his place, then this guy has some serious issues and might not know how to move on.
  6. Yeah, I'd be okay with the first two (in fact, my husband still has some photo albums with pictures of his exes, as do I) but nude ones are no-nos in my book. I don't know how serious you two are, but you can tell him that you feel uncomfortable with the nude pictures (even if they are artistic) and see how he reacts. He may offer to throw them out to ease your worries. He may say you're overreacting and he plans on keeping them forever. Whatever his reaction is will give you some insight on what type of person he is and whether that's a true fit for you. Good luck!
  7. awful. What I did to my husband's ex-gf's photos / stuffs. I threw it away when we were still dating and got the chance to clean his room at that time. When he got up, I told him what I did and he didn't even mind at all. LOL.
  8. I would wonder if he still had an emotional attachment to his ex if he still had pictures of her and naked ones...oh nooo i would not be happy with that.
  9. ^Yeah, me neither!
  10. I'm pretty conservative and would definitely let him know my concerns, and if he want to keep hell will break loose!! (but that's just me though) actually that includes ALL kinds of pics as I don't keep pics of mine either.
  11. Are the pictures out on display? If so, that is really weird and it seems like he still has feelings for his ex. Especially the nude pictures. If they are digital images saved on his computer, that is probably less unusual. But I still wouldn't be happy about the naked pictures.
  12. I'd be a little weird if he had some sort of shrine to her. And the nude photos are a tad iffy. But if he had one photo of him and his ex at the batting cages that one time and he really liked that picture I think he'd be okay with it.

    Is he talking to his ex or does he just have her pictures?
  13. i will be so not happy
  14. I had naked pictures of my ex, LOL. But out of respect for my DH, I put them away while we were dating and threw them away when we got engaged. I still have random photos of my ex's and so does he. They're kept in storage because those are our memories. It's part of the past that's made us appreciate our relationship more.
  15. I don't think there is anything wrong with keeping the pictures, but I do see a problem with the pictures being kept on display. I would be honest with my boyfriend and let him know that it makes me feel uncomfortable, especially if your pictures aren't on display. Let him know that you don't mind if he keeps those things, but you'd rather have it so that they are not on display for everybody to see. Also, be sure to let him now that you trust him completely, but it just makes you feel uncomfortable :smile:

    Good luck!