Pictures of Denim Strip Tote in Action?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting this bag at the PCE. Does anyone have it who would be willing to post some pictures (especially of them wearing it)?

  2. aww :sad:
  3. has a picture on first page with a model and the denim and sig. stripe. this might help.
  4. thanks for the tip!

    holy cow that is big!!! i was hoping it would be a more manageable size.
  5. actually, i now see a smaller one off to the side. maybe that's the one i'm after!
  6. I tried both in the store & yes the Large one is big!! It was really nice but I ended up with the smaller tote. You won't be disappointed! I'll try to post a picture of it 'in action' later.

    Just noticed your Disney countdown.. I'm leaving on the 29th! (are you a 'Diser' by chance?)
  7. thanks Tink! i can't wait to see your pics!!!

    is there a larger and a smaller version? This is the one i am thinking about getting:

    is this the one you got?

    oh lucky! i love disney. I have been to disneyland a bunch of times as i'm in So Cal, and my first trip to WDW was last year and i am just itching to get back there!
  8. Yes it has the Legacy Stripe lining.. and no it doesn't come in any other colors in that exact styling (the laced handles/trim, O-Rings)
  9. bumpdebump
  10. What's a "Diser"? I love all things Disney, and have never heard of it. *nosey*

    and to the OP, I'm sorry, I don't have this bag so couldn't post any pictures of it.
  11. A Disney Forum for Disney Fans... (yet another expensive habit of mine!)
  12. [​IMG]
    Here is mine ....The smaller one ($298.00):heart::tup:
  13. thank you! it is lovely! i can not wait to order mine this weekend! :smile: