Pictures of David Yurman e-rings?

  1. I've seen David Yurman diamond e-rings advertised in magazines (like a large cushion cut with a band that has his signature twist/rope look), but can't find them anywhere on his web-site or other sites. Does anyone know where to find these?
  2. Hmm. I've seen them in ads but I think they must be a special order. There are no engagement rings on display in the Madison Ave boutique that I can recall. They are so stunning but they only work with a HUGE ass honker of a stone!
  3. My DH gave me 4 of the diamond eternity bands from their wedding collection for our last anniversary. They had to be custom made in New York. The DY boutique carried a few pieces...but none my size. I think that unless what they have in the shop is a perfect fit for has to be made.
  4. David Yurman - Bridal

    They give you a little preview--about a half-dozen pics--on this section of their web site, but apparently you have to "make an appointment" to view prices and purchase.
  5. The intro with Kate Moss and what looks like a huge diamond e-ring with 2 eternity bands on each side is tdf!!! :nuts:
  6. I saw the photo but I do not know how to save the photo Help please!!!!:yes:
  7. Well....those are my eternity rings!!!! I like the whole set!!
  8. I can't either, and it sucks :crybaby:But I have a US Vogue with the same picture in it... Not a chance in hell I will ever own that ring, but who cares, it is gorgeous :p
  9. The oval set east to west is TDF!
  10. Hi, I work at David Yurman. The Yurman Bridal Collection is currently only available at our own boutiques.

    Please check out our locations nationwide at:
  11. What a great gift!
    I would love to see pics :girlsigh: