1. Okay, so this is my 5th Chloe bag purchase from Gretta Luxe of the season (is that crazy??), but I am in LOVE with this new bag – the large aubergine python Betty sachel. I couldn’t justify it $4,100 but I had to be mine when it dropped to $2,500.

    Anyway, enough about my bag....

    Here are some pictures of the 40% off sale bags left at Gretta Luxe. The girls there are so so kind and helpful every time I come in and they put up with all my back and forths and questions when deciding to buy bags that I thought I would help them out and, at the same time, help anyone else looking for a chloe. (besides, it was a fun Saturday project!)

    They have some great ones left!! You can call them at 781-237-7010. Ask for Kelly or Katie. They are closed this sunday and monday though, just so you know.
    my new betty!_1_1.JPG aubergine silverado shoulder bag 2_1_4_1.JPG aubergine silverado shoulder bag_1_1.JPG beige python betty_1_1.JPG Black bowler_1_1.JPG
  2. more....
    chocolat chain betty _1_1.JPG chocolat patent large betty _1_1.JPG chocolat tracy_1_1.JPG ediths all in a row_1_1.JPG gris-vert chain betty_1_1.JPG
  3. i love this tekkla! (and above, i called the chocolate bag a tracy, but its a tekkla, oops)
    mastic python betty_1_1.JPG metallic betty shopper_1_1.JPG muscade python silverado_1_1.JPG noir tekkla_1_1.JPG
  4. okay, girls, this is it. Tell me what you all think!!! Have a Happy NEW YEAR!!! can't wait for more Chloe in 2007.
    tan-whiskey tracey_1_1.JPG taupe-whiskey tracy_1_1.JPG tracies all in  row_1_1.JPG whiskey tracy_1_1.JPG
  5. Wow...thanks for the info and pics!

    Did you happen to see any Taupe Paddy Satchels in the bunch? :cry:
  6. no paddies left on sale. but they did have new paddington sachels for spring. i think there was a beige sachel but i am not quite sure, you might want to check.
  7. I just called...they only had Mais (?) in the Satchel and it wasn't on sale. :hrmm:
  8. It pains me to see that aubergine python Betty so on sale, after buying one at full price. I must have been out of my mind, but the color is fabulous. Someone should get it! I made up for it, though, by buying a blue python Betty from the GL sale. That's how I choose to see it.

    GL had some great bags in their new Chloe shipment, too: the new patchwork tote, the tote sized Bay bag and more I didn't even ask about. I love buying from them, both Chloe and Balenciaga. I've dealt with Clair, then Annie after that, and now Kelly, who is great.
  9. sorry to cause pain, rollergirl; our bag is amazing on sale or not. I know what you mean though about seeing your bags go on sale, but I find that sometimes it's worth it to get the one you want in the beginning of the season. That way they get more love before the new ones roll around!
  10. thank you so much for the info and all those photos! and congrats on your beautiful new addition!!!

    and rollergirl i like the way you think (and now you have two fab bags)!
  11. chloebaggirl, are all these bags in the pictures 40% off? thanks!

    woops, i reread your message and i guess they are 40%. itching to dial the phone...
  12. They've got a nice collection. I have the patent Betty. Love it!