Pictures of Bronze Maddy

  1. I finally figured out how to make pictures smaller!!! I'm sooo blonde!!(really so I can say that) :confused1:. Here are some pics of Maddy and the new wallet I bought today .:yahoo:
    788e_1[1].jpg maddy 012.jpg
  2. GREAT items!!
    There beautiful.
  3. VERY Stunning :drool:Bag and I :heart: the wallet:yahoo:

    Congratulations and enjoy your beauties!
  4. Double congrats. Enjoy. =)
  5. Very pretty. :woohoo:Modeling pics?
  6. Congrat's it's great!
  7. yay, congrats!! ;)
  8. I love the bronze Maddy! I prefer the Maddy to the Mahala in the bronze color. I contemplated this bag deeply. Congratulations and enjoy. It is an eye catcher.
  9. I'll take some more pics of Maddy and me (sans head) when I get her replacement from but I'm not wearing shorts! There is no way I can compete with Samantha's legs!! I just hope it gets here for an event this weekend! It takes a couple of days longer for them to ship to the West Coast. :cursing:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. This got reduced online today to 50% off. Can you get a price adjustment? If not, you should consider just returning yours and buying one at 50% off. There are 3 Bronze Maddys left.

    No champagne left, I got the last one.:p
  12. I knew that was going to happen. They gave me a credit for the difference and I bought a pair of black flats at 50% off! In the mean time my Maddy arrived today, finally after having to send her back because of scratches. Ooh-la-la, I'm in love!
  13. I am so happy you received your bag! It's too bad they would only give you store credit, but hey....... a pair of JC shoes too for all the headache and trouble is not too bad:tup:
    Enjoy your new baby:heart:
  14. I posted a new picture of bronze maddy on another thread called "metallic as an everyday bag" This one was taken with the flash indoors and I think shows the richer color of the bag better than the one taken outside. I'll try to post it here...sometimes it works and sometimes not.
  15. Congratulations! It's stunning. Love the color.