Pictures of bow satchel needed!

  1. Dear TPFers,

    please post pictures and matching descriptions of your bow satchels if you can! This will really help newbies like myself since we are not that familiar with the colors. Doesn't matter whether it's a spring/summer 07. fall/winter 07, or even new 08 colors!

    Some stores have different names for the same colors and it's creating confusion (at least for me).

    This way, we'll have a library of bow satchel colors for reference! I just ordered the pink from Saks but am really worried that it's not the pink I've envisioned!

    Thank you so much!
  2. Here is a pic of both the black and Saks Pink (i thought the pink is sold out everywhere, so I'm not even sure if it's indeed the pink, it looks mauvish)
    Black MMBS.jpg Pink MMBS.jpg
  3. [​IMG]

    Pic of Talco (off white) autumn winter collection
  4. [​IMG]
    Chocolate brown color

    Darker gray (fumo)
  5. Omigosh,

    thank you all for such beautiful pictures! :smile: It's always thrilling to see TPFer's purses in real life! Keep the pictures coming please!
  6. Hi ladies!

    I'm normally a Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton nut, but have just bought my first Miu Miu bag.. after seeing it at the store and walking out so I could "think about it", then walked back in 5 seconds afterwards screaming "I MUST HAVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :upsidedown:

    I LOVE the smell of the leather and the softness of the bag. It's really roomy and hangs beautifully. It is the SMOKE GREY I believe?





  7. This has gotta be the HOTTEST bag/colour ever!!!
  8. ^^ GORGEOUS BAG! I have it too hehe. Just curious, which Miu Miu boutique did you find this in?
  9. [​IMG]

  10. What a beatiful colour!!!! :nuts: Whats her name? Georgeos!!!!!:love:
  11. dont know... search it through net
  12. Bow in Talco.
    IRL doesn´t look so shiny white, its rather dusty white with a pearly sheen.Beautiful!!
    IMG_5915-1.jpg IMG_5918-1.jpg IMG_5923-1.jpg IMG_5926-1.jpg
  13. Once more:smile:
  14. my god.. its my dream bag of this Talco bow bag.... how much u pay for that hajk?? am living in Asia.. its seems everywehre is out of stock now.. wonder will they stock will come in again...
  15. You look beautiful with the bag, may I ask where in Sydney did you get this bag and for how much? Many thanks!!:p