Pictures of Blake in black?

  1. I really have two questions:

    1) Does anyone have pictures with your black Blake similar to this one, which I pulled off Neiman's website? Gold hardware, etc. I'm planning on buying one but I am interested to see it posed on someone. I would be most appreciative if you'd post pics!

    2) I am planning on ordering this bag from Neiman's, but after reading through a few threads I think it might be better to order from an out of state MJ boutique and have it shipped to me here in Philly. Does anyone have anecdotal info as to whether ordering from Neiman's is a better way to go vs. buying from an MJ boutique or vice versa? If it's better from a boutique, I'd be happy to receive the contact info for your fave stores and SA.

    Thanks again for all of your help. You guys are awesome! :smile:
  2. I think that ordering from the boutique or NM is totally your call. I guess if you have a NM card or something and they offer points or an incentive to purchase, that is one way to go. I have bought bags from Stella at the MJ store in LA, as well as the NYC store (during the Selma sale, so it was crazy). The MJ stores do not offer refunds. If you decide to return the bag, they will only offer store credit, whereas NM would refund your money.

    If you don't have an issue with store credit, or you feel that you won't be returning the bag anyway, then I would go with Stella at the MJ store in Los Angeles. She is SO patient and helpful and she has helped quite a few of us on here! :yes: The LA-MJ store number is 323-653-5100.

    Let us know when you order the bag!!!!!
  3. If NM offers a bag I want I usually buy from them. They allow me to get a refund if I decide I don't want the bag and I can earn In Circle points and redeem them at the end of the year. For 2006 I earned a $375 gift card. I have a black Blake but it is an older version with white contrast stitching and silver hardware. I'm sure someone has the one you are considering.
  4. The black Blake on NM's website is from Resort 2006 (gold hardware, black stitching, and brown suede lining); Spring 2007's black Blake has grey suede lining (available at actual NM stores). Since you haven't seen this bag in real life, maybe you should order from an actual NM store. What I dislike about internet order from a very big company (where order and shipping departments are seperate) is that the other end cannot inspect the bag for you beforehand. When you place a phone order from an actual store, you can at least ask the SA to inspect the bag condition for you (assuming that he/she will do that), it's always a better idea to order from a recommended SA. Since NM and NM online operate independently, I don't know how repairs are handled for online orders.

    Boutiques have stricter return/exchange policy, however, they have a bigger selection. When I am sure on a bag and the price is the same, I buy from MJ boutique because I don't want to have to worry about repairs not being done in a timely manner. My wonderful SA was able to get our (me & my friends) bags repaired within 1 week (round-trip shipping time included).
  5. ^ Actual NM stores only accept American Express (except for the Vegas location); online store takes other forms of payment.

    A lot of members recommend NM's SA Lisa Hamlin (Troy Michigan), her number is 248-635-8442. NM's SA Christine (San Francisco store) is a PFer, her number is 877-634-6264 ext 2164.

    Good luck. =)
  6. Crysti I just pm'd my SA's phone number..Just got off the phone with him and he has that bag!!! He works until 6pm...And is working tomorrow..You won't regret the service..I got the number from Jill (a moderator here)...Best phone number I ever got (well, kwim!!!) :p
  7. Thanks for all of the info!! Emmy & BagLover, thanks for the SA contact names and #'s!!

    I :heart: this forum.