Pictures of Black City?

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  1. Does anyone have pictures of their black city, alone and or on their arm?
    Since it's a Balenciaga post, are the colors turqoiuse, apple and rose super hard to find?
  2. The other colors can be found you just have to cruise Ebay and be patient.

    I do like the turquoise too...:biggrin:
  3. Here's one of mine:

  4. Mine is my avatar.
  5. Oh, I love love it!:love: Do you use it year round? And if you dont mind, does the bag ever feel 'hard core'? I'm a tad worried about that:shame: .
  6. Addicted, is yours the "old" or the "new" leather? I really like it!
  7. Well, I just got it in January. No, it doesn't make me feel hard core at all (I'm so the opposite!). I work in the financial industry, in marketing and looks fine. Although, I like to use it more casual.

    I would definitely use it year round. Most of my bags are black. That's just what I prefer!;)
  8. I think it's the new leather because it was a Spring/Summer 2006. At least that's what Aloha Rag told me. That's where I got it.:smile:
  9. Thank you so much for your pictures! I'm not scared to get it anymore! :lol:
  10. Reading this thread got me to take my 2003 Black City out of its dustbag. The leather on mine is very different from the leather today. It does not have whiteish veins/marlbling; the marlbling is dark and blends into the bag. It didn't even photograph well (pics are with flash) as it looks all one color. The leather on mine also looks to be thicker than the recent bags, and it is so soft. I would love another City in Caramel but might wait until the fall when the new leather comes out, as I don't want a bag with thin, "crisp" leather.

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  11. wow! your '03 black city is beautiful.:love:
  12. Black city is classic. But not interested at all.
  13. Ya know, i have seen the old leather but i actually like the new...the shininess makes it so much more versatile. :smile:
  14. roey, your black city is amazing! I really wish Balenciaga would bring back the 2003 leather.
  15. Thanks to all of you! I remember when I purchased this bag in February 04. I ordered it from NM in White Plains, NY, and also had the San Francisco store ship me a black city a month later. There was a difference between the 03 and 04 leather. The 04 was thinner and the tassles felt more brittle. I really thought I was going to keep the 04 bag and ended up returning it instead.

    I so want another City but this new leather (which I have never touched or seen IRL) might put me off. I used to have a grey Twiggy from the 04 season which was thin and very distressed/marlbed. I returned that one because it didn't hold its shape and felt almost like paper. Here's hoping Balenciaga changes the fall leather to something more substantial.