Pictures of bags from Woodbury outlet

  1. The SA from the Gucci outlet store in Woodbury e-mailed me pictures of these bags that they have available if anyone is interested. You can ask for Mie and she will mail the bag to you.
  2. Here are some more.
    DSCN1758.JPG DSCN1762.JPG
  3. I wish I could get the horse print bags!
  4. Do you have a special relationship with the SA or she send them to all ger clients if you don't mind me asking? I would love to get updates if possible.

  5. :nuts: i'm interested in a bamboo long monogram wallet...ask her if they have it available....:sweatdrop:
  6. Hehe.. my bag is still there, well, bag's twin !

  7. You can call her at 845-928-8034
  8. Where you asking for images of certain items? You'd think the store would be full of goods. I have never been to the GUCCI outlet. Just curious why she sent you the images she did, I wonder if they have other black wallets in stock???? Hmmm I will have to call, thanks!
  9. Thanks I called. I actually bought another black leather wallet - I have no idea what it really looks like besides it is a black GUCCI leather wallet. So it will be kind of exciting to see what it look like when it comes in!! Thanks for the information!!!
  10. you're such a dear naturale! :smile:

  11. Thanks.
  12. thank you so much!!i love the suede bag ...ughhh
  13. They sell out so quickly at Woodbury. Thanks for the info.
  14. Great info..THANKS!!
  15. I love the black wallet. I'm going to have to call tomorrow and get one for myself if they still have it available! I hope they do!!!