Pictures of baby Barron Trump

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. melania is so elegant and he is such a cute baby.
  3. Wow! Melania looks amazing! And the baby is so cute! I love his slippers!
  4. I agree.. he's such a cute baby.. oh my, those stuff animals, Giant Patrick :love:
  5. She looks great! and love the golden stroller complete with its own chandelier!!!!

    But I am blinded by all the gold :blink: heee...
  6. He's very cute. But the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the family portrait was that it looks like dad, daughter, and grandson... I know that's bad--but it's just the first thing that I thought!
  7. ^Ha ha! That's funny. Melania looks fabulous for just having a baby!
  8. Melania is breathtaking IMO. The baby is beautiful!
  9. Lol- I wonder if it it all real gold plate or whatever it would be called.
  10. He is so cute. I love the baby Burberry robe!
  11. AW! And she is so beautiful!
  12. Barron has my Patrick! hehehe :biggrin:

  13. Hey, if I had that much money, I could look fantastic too. :lol:
    Bet she's not the one who stumbles to the baby's room for 2am feedings! lol!
    And I can't wait to see what that marble floor will look like with tricycle treads all over it!:lol: Wish I had that problem!
  14. She is hot! That shot with her and the baby carriage looks like a High Fashion Vogue shot! LOL Love it!

  15. Look at the stroller..on the side. Is that her parents pictures?? ROTFLMAO?
    Look close!!