Pictures of Arty's Shoe Service Work

  1. I just got my Lapanos back! I had Arty put red rubber soles on them. Here are some pictures so that you know what it looks like. They are SO much better than the other ones on eBay.


  2. They sure know their stuff. The best sole jobs I have seen are done there.
  3. :tup:These look amazing! How do they feel when you walk with them? Can you tell the rubber sole is on if you are standing/walking in them?! :confused1: Sorry for all the questions, but these look so good- I think I have to send mine over there!:p
  4. Looks so good. I don't think you posted how the soles were from eBay, am I wrong or did I miss it?
  5. DUH! Never mind! I thought it wasn't you who got their shoes ruined from the cobbler! My head is spinning with all the shopping I've been doing - mostly Louboutins! Heheheh!

    ETA: So did Arty's paint the exposed wood from the damage done by the other cobbler?
  6. I can't tell at all that there's a rubber sole. They are amazing to walk in. I'm so happy I found him! You should check out the pictures of my repaired shoes at this thread:
  7. chicbaba- So glad to hear that your Louboutins got fixed! Arty's did a great job! They look perfect!
  8. No he didn't paint it, he just put rubber in the spot. The shoe was ground down so terribly that even if he had painted it you could still tell it was damaged. It looks so good now because the rubber is flush with the rest of the shoe.
  9. Wow. They did an AMAZING job!:tup:
  10. That's an awesome job! Now, they can do this when you first get them OR when they are already scuffed up, right?
  11. Glad your shoes got fixed!
  12. glad to hear it all worked out for you! :smile:
  13. Glad that you got your shoes repaired.
    Those are the same soles that SSP uses. They are MUCH thinner and better than the soles that you can buy from eBay.
  14. I would like to obtain some of those soles if I could. As I am in the UK does anyone know of a UK supplier or, alternatively, Arty's email address?