Pictures of Addison Business Bag!!!


Aug 22, 2009
Hello Everyone,
I am looking to get the Addison Business bag for my laptop and work. However I would like to know about how big it is on someone. My Coach Boutique does not have this particular bag. So I can't go try it for myself. I would perfer to see it in black sig but any pix will do for size refrence.

Thank You


May 28, 2009
I bought one today, and it's about 15" x 10.5" x 5" unstuffed. It has many, many compartments and many pockets! I got it at the outlets for something like $250! It has a turnlock front compartment with a slip pocket behind that, a slip pocket in the back with a snapped compartment behind that. Inside is divived into two "sections": a zippered pocket, the two "standard", small, multi-function pockets, two fairly large elastic pockets that span the length of the bag; the other "section" is probably meant for something like a laptop. I hope that helps for now!
Jul 7, 2009
Northern Va
I'll try and get a picture of mine for you tomorrow or Monday (I'm out of town and not near the bag). I bought one a few months ago from the outlet--a coral/pink color--that I'm using as my graduate assistant bag. I have a 17" laptop, so I don't even try to stuff it in there, but it's been good for carrying textbooks and such. And it looks very professional!