Pictures of a Gioco in Use

  1. Has anyone posted pictures of a Gioco in use?

    Not sitting on table. Not stuffed with paper (or empty) but how it looks when filled with "normal stuff" and ready to becarried.

    I keep hearing how it's hard to get into (and I understand why cause I have seen it IRL).

    I've also heard that it takes on the shape of what ever is in it, and some people say that is why they don't like it. I'd love to see some pics of what it looks like with a few items in in it...

  2. Yes please please please post pictures. I'm a very visual person and can't tell what you all are talking about when you just describe it to me without pictures. It would also help becaus eI want something in Amore and zucca is too much money so I may think about the gioco.
  3. I absolutely love my gioco. I think it comes in first, with the BV at a very close second as far as my favorites go. I have read that a lot of people have a hard time getting into their gioco... For me, the only thing that's a tad hard to get into is the big zip pocket on the inside. I keep my make-up in there and the pocket is so deep that I have to dig my hand in.

    After I do what I gotta do around here, I'll take photos of my gioco and what I keep inside it.
  4. Ok, and could you possbily take a pic of it around your arm?? Carrying it I mean. If that's not too much.
  5. Yes that is EXACTLY what I want to see too.
  6. I posted a pic of me w/my gioco... but now I don't remeber what thread. maybe if you search my posts you can find it.
  7. here it is.

    I'm 5'2". with my stuff in it. I love how it looks on, actually. just kinda inconvenient to use.
  8. Ahhh!! I already took the photos... I hung it on my doorknob because I can't take a picture of myself.

    The first photo is all that I carry in all of my tokidoki bags:
    - cell phone
    - make-up, extra contacts, cold medicine
    - coach card holder for all my g/c's
    - red theraband
    - tide pen
    - pochacco coin tin
    - lotion
    - keys
    - mints or gum
    - denaro

    The second photo is the gioco with everything in it. Sorry it's blurry.

    The third photo is the gioco with everything in it, plus the sturdy plastic at the bottom.

    With those last two photos, you can really see the sagginess...
    paradisogioco-002.jpg paradisogioco-003.jpg paradisogioco-004.jpg
  9. Thank you!!

    If anyone else want to post more pictures please do!
  10. It doesn't look that bad actually. I may have to reconsider. And yes if you have more pics, please do post.
  11. Yes, please post more pic's. I get my Pirata gioco tomorrow and I have never seen it irl. The guy that picked it up for me was like "It's so huge are you sure that's what you want?" I don't care it just means more things I can cart around in it!
  12. I LOVE my gioco and think it's fairly easy to get into... the hard part is when you carry around 237583745 things in your purse like me & you're trying to find them all lol! I like the outside zip pocket because I like putting things in there that i need to access readily (like my metrocard) & i wear the pocket facing me so that no one can get into it on a crowded train.
  13. actually, i quite like my i have three of them. and i'm left-handed so i can get into and out of it easily since the zipper pull is up front when i carry it on my left shoulder, like this:


    This is typically what's inside it:

  14. u guys are making me want a gioco again! i wanted it before cuz i like the shape..but after seeing how it could be inconvenient to use...i changed my mind..but seeing these pictures make me want one now!...hmmmmm amore would look quite lovely on it :graucho:
  15. The Amore is super cute on the gioco. My bf and I were driving down Keeaumoku and I saw a nurse walking down the street with the Amore gioco. My bf thought we were gonna crash with the way I shouted, "SHE HAS A AMORE GIOCO!!!" *lol* :roflmfao: