*** Pictures of a Fuchsia Boy!!!****

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I know the fuchsia frenzy has captivated the Chanel Chopping thread lately! One questions remained to be cleared up and it was how does the fuchsia Boy compare to the classic flap. All pictures so far of the classic flap let many hearts to beat faster and took the breath away from these who were lucky to see it IRL by now.

    But what about the Boy?;)
  2. Front row :wave:
  3. Yes please :smile:
  4. For me to obtain a slice of the fuchsia this spring was: (a) the Boy (don't have any Boys yet in my collection) or the (b) CWC (don't have any of these either). So either one of these two would fill a GAP. My reasoning was that the M/L was too small and the jumbo too large. Also, I have my collection of classics covered with M/Ls, jumbos and reissues in all sizes!
    The hunt for the Boy began!

    So when the SA from a NM store (where I had never purchased before) found that their store had ordered ONE of the fuchsia Boys I ordered it immediately.

    Yesterday I finally could pick up this Boy not knowing if I will keep it as in this fuchsia frenzy it is better to buy now and think later.
  5. I'm here!!!
  6. I'm here!!

  7. The color is gorgeous but hard to capture. So I was happy to find a OPI nail polish at home that matches (actually is practically identical) with the elusive fuchsia of the Boy. I have included it as a reference for you. OPI polish - "DC Cherry Blossom" from ~last year.

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  8. Oooo my!! It's so pretty. Congrats
  9. Please note that all pics are all taken with my I-phone in the yesterday's CA sun and far from the quality that we see in some other threads. I am trying to include as much info on the bag as I can.

    Color code: note is says "Dark pink".

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  10. If this little swatch is closer to the colour IRL, it's absolutely stunningly gorgeous :smile:
  11. Next is the box label - there you go: it says "Fuchsia", same as in the spring look-book:

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  12. You know, R, these were the exact words of the SA when she called me on the phone that the bag arrived, but she is a SA, right?:biggrin: One is for sure - no complains about the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The colour looks so much richer and more saturated than the comparison pics. Well, you've finally found your boy :smile: Can it work as a "pop" in the smaller size?
  14. Regardless if the color is named "Dark pink" or "Fuchsia" for me there is no visible difference in the color between the fuchsia that I saw in the Boutique for a M/L flap and this Boy.

    In addition - yesterday there was someone buying the fuchsia WOC in lamb right next to me and both colors - from the Boy and the WOC were also identical. Under the same lighting of the NM lights there was no visible difference between the two.

    Therefore I will refer further to the color as Fuchsia.
  15. Stunning!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!