Pictures of 13196 packed?


Apr 28, 2007
You are welcome, I want to get the small one but in pink. I dont even know if they are available anymore but sure they are pretty.


Jul 1, 2008
I do not have this bag. But I have the blue stripe Tattersall tote from last summer, #12561. I think it is the same size. I probably would not get it to carry a notebook since I would not like it sticking out over the top. It fits on my shoulder just fine, but probably would not with an item taller than the bag. I put a notebook in it and it was too tall. The website says the bag is 10.5 inches tall, so a notebook or binder will be taller than the bag. The bag is not wide enough to turn the notebook sideways. You will probably want a large tote, the next size up, but I don't think they currently have them available in this color. Last summer they had the larger totes as well as this size. Hope this helps!