Pictures of 05 Bordeaux and 06 Grenat

  1. hey,

    i'm new to balenciaga, but i think i want to get the first in either bordeaux or grenat. can owners post pics of the colors? thanks!
  2. Here's one:

  3. Grenat Mini Bowling:

  4. Nice color!!
  5. Here is my grenat Part Time.

  6. I love your Grenat Mini Bowling!!!:nuts:
  7. here's my 05 bordeaux city.

  8. Here is another min bowling ....
  9. here's my bordeaux box
  10. here's my bordeaux box
  11. Love the bowling bag.
  12. Here's my bordeaux First, which I sold awhile ago... :push:

    Copy of IMG_9845.JPG

    Copy of IMG_9851.JPG
  13. My Bordeaux Twiggy:
  14. I love your Grenat Part Time! It's a beauty:love:
  15. Here's my Grenat Work :yes: --