Pictures Needed for Paddington Authentication - Please Read!

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  1. Before asking for Paddington authentication opinions, in the Authenticate This Chloe thread, it would be very helpful if you could please take/ask the seller for any of these that you don't already have:

    1. Close-up of the underside of the padlock (showing the 'tree' shaped keyhole), taken at such an angle that you can see which side is the front (the side with the 'Chloe' logo) and which side is the back of the padlock.

    2. Close-up of the 'Chloe' heat stamp on the padlock.

    3. Close-up of the 'Chloe MADE IN ITALY' heat stamp inside the bag.

    4. Close-up of the serial/date code tab from the inside pocket.

    5. Pic of the entire base of the bag.

    6. Close-up of the leather grain.

    7. Close-up of the buckles (showing the 'Chloe' logo).

    8. Close up of the key (showing the 'Chloe' logo).

    9. Close-up of the metal plate (with the 'Chloe' logo on it).

    10. Close-up of the inside of the end of the handles.

    11. Close-up of any logo on the underside of the zipper.

    12. Pic of the rounded rectangle 'rings' attaching the handles to the bag, straight on and uncovered.

    13. Pic of the dustbag/cover (if applicable), with the Chloe logo straight-on and in full view.

    14. Pics of the hangtag (if applicable); including a pic of the front of the hangtag showing the Chloe logo and pics of the inside and outside of the hangtag showing all information.

    15. Pics of the of the care card envelope and card (if applicable); showing the Chloe logos on both and all text inside the card.

    TIA! :biggrin:

    With thanks to chicky, for her help in compiling this list! :flowers:
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  3. Great idea CHB! I've made your two threads stickies at the top of the shopping section now so everyone should be able to see it. Hopefully, this is the right spot to put it. Jag might move it again. :biggrin:
  4. Omg! I didnt even know this exsists!! Very helpful thanks so much!!!
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