Pictures Needed for Edith Authentication - Please Read

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  1. Before asking for Edith authentication opinions, in the Authenticate This Chloe thread, it would be very helpful if you could please take/ask the seller for any of these that you don't already have:

    1. Photo of the entire Edith bag.

    2. Pic of the entire base of the bag.

    3. Close-up of the 'Chloe' heat stamp on the small front flap of the bag.

    4. Close-up of the 'Chloe MADE IN ITALY' heat stamp inside the bag.

    5. Close-up of the serial/date code tab from inside the bag.

    6. Close-up of the leather grain.

    7. Close-up of the outside zipper pull tab.

    8. Close up of the inside zipper pull.

    9. Close-up of any logo on the underside of the zipper.

    10. Pic of the dustbag/cover (if applicable), with the Chloe logo straight-on and in full view.

    11. Pics of the hangtag (if applicable); including a pic of the front of the hangtag showing the Chloe logo and pics of the inside and outside of the hangtag showing all information.

    12. Pics of the care card envelope and card (if applicable); showing the Chloe logos on both and all text inside the card.

    TIA! :biggrin:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.