Pictures Needed for Bracelet Bag Authentication - Please Read!

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  1. Before asking for Bracelet Bag authentication opinions, in the Authenticate This Chloé thread, it would be very helpful if you could please take/ask the seller for any of these that you don't already have:

    1. Pic of the entire front of the bag.

    2. Pic of the entire back of the bag.

    3. Close-up of the leather grain/fabric.

    4. Close-up of any beading, embroidery, appliqué and/or other embellishment.

    5. Close-up of the 'Chloé' or the 'Chloé MADE IN ITALY' label/heat stamp inside the bag.

    6. Close-up of the metal clasps (the rings that attach the loops of the bag to the bracelet/handle), clearly showing the Chloé logos.

    7. Close-up of the metal finials (the cup-shaped features on either side of the body of the bag, through which the loops [which attach the body of the bag to the clasps] extend).

    8. Close-up of the zip-pulls on both the exterior and interior of the bag (showing the Chloé logo [if applicable]).

    9. Close-up of any logo on the underside of the zipper.

    10. Close-up of the serial/date code tab from the inside pocket - if applicable (earlier bags generally didn’t have one).

    11. Pic of the dustbag/cover (if applicable), with the Chloé logo straight-on and in full view.

    12. Pics of the hangtag (if applicable); including a pic of the front of the hangtag showing the Chloe logo and pics of the inside and outside of the hangtag showing all information.

    13. Pics of the of the care card envelope and card (if applicable); showing the Chloe logos on both and all text inside the card.

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. excellent suggestion!! I've been seeing some odd ones lately which may look good from far, but far from good :s
  3. Thanks CHB. I'll just add this to the other thread...
Thread Status:
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