PICTURES - Money wallet

  1. Here are pictures of the interior of the Money wallet.

    MODEL NAME: Portefeuille (also known as "Money")
    DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches X 4.5 inches x 7/8 of an inch
    PRICE: $475.00 USD
    Comes with 1 extra tassel for zipper pull

    - has tiny zipper compartment (4 inches wide 2.5 inches deep)

    - slots for 8 credit cards (4 on each side)
    - 4 compartments the length of the wallet (2 on each side)
    - expanse of space in the middle

    - 1 zipper compartment the length of the wallet
  2. Thanks for posting these - love yours in the red.
  3. Wow! Nice!
  4. Beautiful!!! Do you keep your checkbook in the wallet?
  5. Thanks for posting pics, esiders!!! Can't wait to get mine... where are youuuu mr. UPS man???? :search:
  6. Love it! I need one now!
  7. No...I never write checks, so my checkbook stays at home. BUT you can definitely put a checkbook in this wallet. :yes:
  8. hey esiders! thanks so much for posting up pics!!! i've always wanted to know what it looks like on the inside!!! thanks again!!!

    PS, the rouge vif is just so YUMMY!!!
  9. So nice !!!!
    Congrats esiders !!!
    I really need one ...
  10. Love it! Congratulations and thanks for posting, esiders!
  11. Very, very pretty! Thanks so much for the detailed pictures!

    I wish you well,

  12. Thanks for all the information. I am now jonesing for some accessories to replace my Target wallet. and Balenciaga certainly is tempting. That rouge is just gorgeous.