Pictures loaded! Enjoy your weekend

  1. I promised pictures of my DS flap so I did a little photo shoot at home this morning... took some pictures of my other chanel bags too just to brighten my day (and hopefully yours too;) ) since it is overcast here today. Enjoy, with a cup of mocha :p By the way, I just got the Hello Kitty necklace in the mail.. it is so adorable!
    DSflap.JPG DSflap2.JPG DSflap3.JPG Chaneltweedbag.JPG Chanelwhitebag.JPG
  2. More pictures.. some of them you have seen before so hopefully you don't mind:p
    Chanelpinkbag.JPG chanelred.jpg HelloKitty.jpg
  3. baobao wow your bags are all gorgeous :smile: thanks for the pics !
  4. nice collection, some unique vintage topic, where did you get the mannequin?
  5. i really enjoyed your collection! there's a great variety. are a lot of them vintage pieces?
  6. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. :yes:
  7. thank you! lovely!:love:
  8. I bought the mannequin from eBay for something like $50.... Originally I wanted to use it to model the stuff I would like to sell to fund my new purchases but never had the time - very busy with work. The red is from 2003 collection, pink, 2003, white 2004, tweed 2005 and DS flap 2006. And thanks for all the nice words. Glad you all enjoyed.
  9. Great pics! Is that Hello Kitty necklace from the NM Kimora Lee Simmons collection?
  10. Beautiful collection! I love the mannequin display...
  11. :heart: your bags!
  12. Great collection. I especially love the red flap with those fabulous chains.:heart:
  13. beautiful pieces!!! love the Hello-Kittty charm and I want your dress!!!
  14. Thanks, ladies. You are all so sweet.
    Coldplaylover: Yes, it is from the Kimora Lee Simmons collection. I love all cute things so even I am not really a huge Kitty fan I went for this jewerly line which is exquisite.
    Cutestmomever: I love your modeling pictures! This dress is a Blumarine dress in size 2, still with tags on. I have gained so much weight I can't fit into it anymore. :cursing: Haven't decided what to do. I am pretty sure I can't go back to size 0-2 days anymore and it is hard to part with it.
  15. Great pics. Thanks.